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Ray Balbes


Welcome to the world of Fine Digital Imagery. On this web site you will see a collection of images created with a variety of advanced mathematical/digital methods. These methods include fractals and ray tracing, as well as the artist’s proprietary techniques. The emphasis however is on the art and, for each image, the artist enhances his software or writes new software, in order to carry out his artistic intent. The end results are stunning images, printed on archival paper, canvas, steel or ceramic tile. Only archival quality workmanship and materials are utilized. The pictures are signed, limited editions. You will also see samples of custom work ranging from large one of a kind pieces to tile murals.

About the Artist

Born in Los Angeles, Ray has devoted himself to two endeavors, the pursuit of mathematics and the development of his artistic abilities. Graduating from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1966 with a Ph. D. in mathematics he went on to a long career as a professor of mathematics at the University of Missouri and is presently an emeritus professor of that institution. Retired from teaching, he now devotes his full time to art. The advent of the personal computer and software programming allowed Ray to combine his two passions; mathematics and art. In the 1980’s he developed his first professional software program enabling artists to create computer animation for television. From this beginning he has developed an extensive suite of software programs for the depiction of art. Developed solely by Ray, this suite exceeds the functionality of many other art programs and is capable of an unending range of techniques. This suite is proprietary to Mr. Balbes and is used only by him. Ray’s creative process begins (like all artists) with the image in his mind. He then develops the software necessary to achieve the desired result. Creating the software is much like mixing oils, selecting the material for a sculpture, or choosing a type of pencil, he is just working within a digital medium. Armed with such capability he has gone on to produce a wide range of unique fine art. Styles encompass realism, representation, impression, and abstract. Ray has exhibited his work through galleries and exhibitions in California, Missouri, and Texas. He has also completed several single artist shows. He has won over 20 awards and has been accepted in over 30 juried art shows. To date over 500 pieces of art have been sold.

For the past 15 years, the images on this website have been sold, as signed and numbered prints, at art shows mostly in the United States. The artist combines his expertise as a graphics artist and mathematician to write proprietary software (not available to other computer artists) to come up with the original artwork that you see here. Some of the algorithms (i.e. mathematical recipes) that he uses are “fractals”, “ray tracing”, “iterated function systems”, “2D and 3D morphing”, and “l-systems”. Other algorithms are of the artists own design.

We are now selling this artwork privately through this website, custom re-designed for you. . The buyer can request changes in the images shown here. No two prints of a select picture will be the same. They will all be signed and dated.

The final images can be printed on canvas or glossy paper, framed or unframed, in various sizes and with special features requested by you.

For more details and prices, contact the artist, Ray Balbes, at or call 760-918-9887.

Contact Ray Balbes

2637 Obelisco Place Carlsbad, CA 92009 Ph: (760) 918-9887